J J Ballard Broker/OwnerLicense #: B.0019363.CORP

J J Ballard Broker/OwnerLicense #: B.0019363.CORP

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Our Market is Changing


It is no secret that rising interest rates and inflation is changing the housing market in Northern Nevada. Interest rates have more than doubled since January 2022. What is this doing to our housing market?

The Change of Season


The Benefits of a Home Inspection Before Selling

The Benefits of a Home Inspection Prior to Selling!!

Fishing in Coos Bay, Oregon!!



One of my favorite hobbies is to fish. I enjoy most outdoor activities but fishing ranks near the top on the score board. And I must admit, I love it even more when I am able to do so with my family.

Times Are Changing

     Today I found myself in the company of a bright eyed eight-year-old. While we were casually chatting, I used the term “pay phone”. The wonder in her eyes made me realize just how much times have changed. I took a step back, realizing, a pay phone is a completely foreign object to the children of today.














Down Payment Assistance!!




     Buying a home is a dream that most people aspire to. Home ownership is a prideful achievement, it is a foundation for families to grow, but the purchase of a home is not always easy. In most cases there is a large down payment required; GOOD NEWS, there are assistance programs that will help fund part of the down payment required!


The weather in Reno has finally given in to Spring!!!

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