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       Squirrels!!! One word that can make any gardener or botanist quiver in their garden clogs. These cheeky little animals will eat your bounty for breakfast and never feel one ounce of guilt. They tend to be skittish and a bit of a nuisance, but there may be a diversion.

     Peanuts!!! Unsalted peanuts in the shell seem to be a favorite for the squirrels around my house!

      It all started by casually throwing a few shelled peanuts out on the back patio to get a closer view of these fickle little creatures. Then a few peanuts were no longer enough, it became a handful or two of peanuts. When a handful or two was no longer enough, I gave in and started bringing the whole bucket with me and sitting quietly to see how close they would come. Behold, they started eating right from my hands! They will eat a full bucket if allowed and still “ask” for more.

     One evening I was watching TV, I peered over at the glass doors that lead out to the patio and there were two small eyes looking at me. This little squirrel was hanging from the ledge of the wood on the glass door looking in, asking for peanuts!! So, I happily obliged. When I opened the door, she gently took the peanut right from my hand, cautiously organized it in her cheeks then looked to me for another. She repeated the process until her not so tiny cheeks were packed full. Then off she ran, soon to return for more!

     Who knew such a small group of animals could train a whole family to be their garcon? It really has become the highlight of the afternoon, hand feeding squirrels. They have become so comfortable that if I am not watchful, they will come right in the house! Peanuts really have become a life changer ( for the squirrels)!!


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