J J Ballard Broker/OwnerLicense #: B.0019363.CORP

J J Ballard Broker/OwnerLicense #: B.0019363.CORP

The Benefits of a Home Inspection Before Selling

The Benefits of a Home Inspection Prior to Selling!!

     A pre-inspected home is simply a home where the sellers have chosen to have a home inspection done prior to starting the listing process. A seller who chooses to inspect their home before listing will become familiar with any existing problems. There could be electrical, structural or environmental issues that an inspector is highly trained to recognize as to ensure the home is well functioning and safe.

      Having the knowledge of any existing issues enables the seller to make the necessary repairs and the agent is able to list the property as “pre-inspected”. A pre-inspected property will add confidence to the listing and may help prevent any delays while in escrow. Even though a pre-inspected home may give the buyer added confidence, the buyer may still ask for their preferred home inspection company to be utilized also. When inspections are done by different companies there is a chance the results could vary.

     Though there could be a slight variance between inspections, having one done prior to listing is going to save time in escrow and relieve stress while going through the home selling process.


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