J J Ballard Broker/OwnerLicense #: B.0019363.CORP

J J Ballard Broker/OwnerLicense #: B.0019363.CORP

The Kodiak Brown Bear

     While on a fishing trip in Alaska, I stumbled across the above pictured family. Yes, a family of Kodiak Brown Bears frolicking on the shore. Two of the cubs were wrestling and tumbling around, the other splashed alongside its mother as they ran through the water. As I sat back and watched this scene, I realized how incredibly lucky I am. How great, to be able to witness the innocence of nature. Babies will be babies, no matter the species.

     These cubs will stay with their mother for two or three years before adventuring out into the world on their own. They will follow their mother when she finds a den. They will enter a deep sleep when the winter becomes harsh and food is scarce. They won’t truly hibernate but they will reach a level of deep sleep as to where their heart rates will drop drastically along with their body temperatures and other metabolic rates. They will all remain in this state until June when they emerge with a great hunger.

     As snow melts and green grass replaces it, the bear cubs will learn to forage for berries and fruit. The bear cubs will also learn to fish in the ocean and rivers. The cubs will stay with their mother until the approximate age of three, then they will have a few years on their own before reaching full maturity and beginning to reproduce. Starting the cycle all over!!!


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